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This feature helps to protect your forms against spamming by automatic submitters. By selecting captcha, an image is displayed when a user submits your form, containing a string and also an audio recording. The user must enter the string into the specified input box. If the string is correctly reproduced, the form submission will be processed as usual. If it is not a new string is displayed and the user may try again. Click the Image Removed to cancel.
Image RemovedIt is only supported for Forms. Check the Captcha checkbox to select it.

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uses Google provided Invisible reCAPTCHA. When using and submitting a form configured with Captcha, the reCAPTCHA logo is displayed in the lower right corner. In most cases, no further action is required by the user

Some less trusted users may see one or more challenge screens when attempting to submit a reCAPTCHA protected form. The challenge screens are grids of images and users are asked to choose the images matching a certain criteria. These are standard reCAPTCHA challenge screens and frevvo has no control over what is presented and when.

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  • Frevvoproduct
    does not control the reCAPTCHA logo nor its placement.
  • In some share link embedding scenarios, the logo may not show even though reCAPTCHA is active.

The frevvo Cloud uses a custom reCAPTCHA key that is configured for Domain Name Validation providing maximum security. To implement the maximum possible protection from form spamming in your in-house environment, follow the steps listed in Administration of reCAPTCHA Keys.


If you check this checkbox, a Save button will be displayed at the bottom of your form.