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The Database Connector is a web application that allows you to easily integrate your

forms and flows with your external database. The connector can be added to your 
tomcat bundle. A Standalone Bundle is also available.


frevvo only supports/certifies the Database Connector running in the tomcat container. Refer to our  Supported Platforms for the list of Application Servers and databases supported/certified by frevvo.

Cloud customers, who are integrating with their database in their on-premise installation and in-house customers, can choose to:

  • install the Database Connector in your
    tomcat bundle on their in-house server OR
  • install the Standalone Bundle on their in-house server

We recommend the frevvo-tomcat bundle for in-house customers. Follow the frevvo-tomcat bundle Instructions.

We recommend the Standalone bundle for cloud customers as no additional servlet container is needed. Standalone is also useful for in-house customers who want to run the connector on a different server than the

server installation. Follow the Standalone Bundle Instructions

The Database Connector requires a JDBC driver for your database. Some pre-installed drivers are included with the connector. See Install a JDBC driver to see if the driver for your database is provided.

The Database Connector contains a working sample Derby database with BIRT and MyStore query sets and some test data. This makes it very easy to test if the DB Connector is up and running when your installation is complete.

When you complete the Installation instructions then follow the Connector Configuration Instructions - detailed steps to integrate the connector with your database.

Cloud customers must also verify connector connectivity to the frevvo Cloud Server.


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