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The Database Connector is included in the tomcat bundle and is also available as a separate zipfile. You can download it here.  

The database.war does not extract after startup. You will not see a database subfolder in the <frevvo-home>\tomcat\webapps directory if you are using the tomcat bundle as in previous releases.


  • The Database Connector v2.5.2 can be run in the v7.2.4 in-house frevvo tomcat bundle or as a Standalone application. You can download the Standalone version of the connector from the Release Notes page here.
  • NULL columns and empty strings, which were previously treated as NULLS, are now being sent instead of leaving them out of the JSON/XML returned by the Database Connector. Version 2.5 of the connector explicitly handles NULLs. If this causes issues, it can be turned off by adding the emitNullColumns property to the query/query set in configuration.xml or adding the dbconnector.emitNullColumns property to your dbconnector properties file. This disables this new behavior for the whole db connector and reverts to the old behavior so you can address any issues. The recommended approach moving forward is to add the emitNullColumns=true (the default) to your queryset/queries.
  • The database.war is now executable. There is also a Kiosk mode for quick demos of the feature
  • The date/dateTime/timestamp formats that (almost) all configuration.xml have may be removed in most cases as the defaults now match what frevvo sends to the DBConnector.

    <queryset name="BIRT" dateFormat="yyyy-MM-dd" xmlDateFormat="yyyy-MM-dd" xmlTimeStampFormat="MM/dd/yyyy">
  •   Configuration.xml with invalid queries will show warnings when the Database Connector starts and will be disabled automatically.
  •  In previous releases of the Database Connector, any errors while inserting, updating, selecting row(s) using the DB connector were simply logged and ignored, returning an HTTP 200 status. These errors will come back as 500 errors to 




frevvo only supports/certifies frevvo connectors running in the Apache Tomcat container. Refer to our Supported Platforms for the list of Application Servers and databases supported/certified by frevvo

Review the DB Connector Release Notes for a complete list of the enhancements to help you decide.