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  1. Login as the tenant admin.
  2. Click Manage Users.
  3. Login to the Home page of the designer user account that contaiNns contains the form/flow you want to update by clicking on the  icon.
  4. Navigate to the Application Home page where the form/flow is located.
  5. Navigate to the Forms or Flows Home page. Click the icon to run the Refresh Searchable Fields process for the for the form/flow you want to update.



Multiple Refresh Processes

When the Tenant Admin clicks the Image Added icon, the list of Refresh Searchable Fields processes that were run for the tenant and for specific forms/flows displays in the table. The Tenant Admin has the ability to stop/abandon a process but they cannot initiate a refresh for the entire tenant.

only allows one process to run at a time. If a process is running and another process is initiated, the process that is running shows a status of STARTED while the queued process appears in the table with a status of STARTING.



The web app that runs the Refresh Searchable Fields process (insight.war) and it's configuration file (insight.xml) are embedded in the frevvo.war. In-house customers will not see the insight.war in the <frevvo-home>\tomcat\conf\webapps directory or the insight.xml files in the <frevvo-home>\tomcat\conf\catalina\localhost directory if you are using the frevvo tomcat bundle. Log messages formerly in the insight logfiles are now captured in the  <frevvo-home>\tomcat\logs\frevvo.YYYY-MM-DD file. Default Configuration properties for the Insight Server are now located in the <frevvo-home>\tomcat\conf\ file.