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Kick Off Workflow Tasks from a Form

It is possible to "kick off" workflow tasks for more than one user from a form. The HR or Finance person fills in the form and selects a user(s) to send the task to. A task for the workflow will appear on the Task List of the selected users.

Let's take a look at a simple example first. You want to create a form that launches an Employee Review workflow task and adds them to the employee manager's Task List. The form is executed by an HR employee when Employee Review time comes around.

This example form contains the following:

  1. A field for the URL to the workflow that you are calling. Copy the Raw Link URL from the workflow and add it to that field
    1. Cloud customers must change to frevvo:// in the URL to the workflow.
    2. In-house customers must change the http:<domain>:<port> to  frevvo:// in the URL to the flow.
  2. A field for the HR employee to enter the user id of the employees manager. The workflow task is added to this user's Task List
  3. A business rule which uses the http.get method to call your workflow URL. The rule shown below runs when the user clicks the Submit button and builds the URL to the workflow by taking the value of the flow URL from the field and adds an _data parameter to copy data (Manager Id, First Name /Last Name) from the form to the flow task.

    Code Block
    titleThis rule builds the URL to the workflow and copies the Manager's Id, First and Last Name from the form
    var user = managerid.value;
    var fn = FirstName.value;
    var ln = LastName.value;
    if (form.unload) {
      url = FlowToLaunchURL.value + "&_data=(managerid:" + user + ",FirstName:" + fn + ",LastName:" + ln + ")";

 It allows you to trigger the flow for a different user or role when you browse the flow URL. In your case, I would recommend that you create a separate form with all the basic information fields in it. Then add a field where the user filling in that form can add the list of users for whom he wants to start the flow. Then create a business rule which uses http.get method to call your workflow URL. You will have to call this URL multiple times depending on how many users you want to create the task for. And you can pass the usernames of those users and basic information data to the flow in this URL by using _data URL parameter.

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