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To the right of each flow name are four five icons. Each is described below.

  • Click the Refresh icon to update previous submissions when a change is made to the Searchable Fields in your flow. Refer to Refresh Searchable Fields for the details.
  • Click the icon to attach a thumbnail icon to your flow. You can select one of the icons provided by
    or you can upload your own. The icons will display on the iPhone and iPad mobile devices. 
  • Click the icon to internationalize a flow with translations in different languages.
  • Click the Image Added icon to publish your form as a template that you can use when creating other new forms. See Templates.
  • The next icon controls the Visibility of the flow. Clicking the icon brings up an enhanced Access Control wizard that allows the designer to specify runtime access for the flow, configure selected users or roles that can execute the flow and view/edit flow submissions. Additionally, the designer can allocate view permissions for the flow audit trail.
  • Click the  icon to delete the flow. Keep in mind there is no Undo feature so this action is permanent. Deleting a flow also deletes all associated flow submissions, saved and pending tasks. See replacing flows.