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  1. Ensure that you do not have another server running on ports 8082 or 8983
  2. Open a command prompt. Navigate to <frevvo-home>\solr-x.x.x (replace "x.x.x" with your solr version number.)
  3. Type bin\solr.cmd start to start the Insight server. This starts the Insight server in the background, listening on port 8983.

    You will see this message when the Insight server is running:

4. Browse http://<your server:port>/solr to verify the Insight server is running. The <server:port> default values are localhost:8983. Change <your server>  to the server name and <your port> to the port the Insight server is running on if they are different than the defaults. Do not include the angle brackets <>. You will see the Insight server (Solr) dashboard with the current status: