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Code Block
var x;
var selectedcolors = '';

for (var i = 0; i < RGB.value.length; i++) 
    var v = RGB[i].value; 
    for (x in RGB.options) {

        var opt = RGB.options[x]; 
        var val= opt.split('=')[0]; 
        var lab= opt.split('=')[1];
        if (v === val) { 
            selectedcolors = selectedcolors + ' ' + lab; 
SelectedColors.value = selectedcolors;

Set Options for a Checkbox based on Values Selected in another Checkbox

This rule is not yet supported in the Visual Rules Builder and thus still requires some JavaScript. This rule will take values selected in one checkbox control and populates those as options in a second checkbox control. For example, a checkbox control (Services) displays all available services. The second checkbox (Selected Services) will display as options the values selected in Services. One scenario you might use this is to customize an employee scheduling form. In Step 1 of the flow the Coordinator picks the offered services from the full Program Service list. In Step 2 the Employee sees only the smaller list to select from.

Code Block
var opts = [''];
for (var i = 0; i < ProgramService.value.length; i++ ){
  var v = ProgramService.value[i].replace(/_/g,"  ");
  opts[i] = ProgramService[i].value + "=" + v;
SelectedPS.options = opts; 
var event = form.load;

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Retrieving or Setting the Comment Property for  Selection Controls