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  • Flag the submission with an error in the Submissions Table
  • Send Doc Post Failure notification email(s) reporting information about the error to all tenant administrators or flow workflow admins (if configured)

 Example 1:


All DBC SQL operations are performed within a database transaction. When the following SQL errors occur,

flags the submission with an error and generates Doc Action Failure emails to the tenant/flow workflow admin(s) :

  • An update statement updates ) rows and autocreate is false
  • A query with autocreate=true is missing a create statement
  • A query when autodelete is true and is missing the delete statement
  • A query with the Delete statement and the delete Key is not defined
  • A delete statement where the specified delete key cannot be found in the retrieved resultset
  • If any one of the SQL operations (except Update) fails
    •  For example: When calling a querySet with 1 or more autocreate or autodelete=true, internally the DBC is likely to execute multiple SQL statements:
      • It will try to delete all rows that were deleted from the form resultSet that were originally in the resultSet retrieved from the database.
      • It will try to update rows from the form resultSet - and if autocreate is true and the update fails, it will execute an insert for each update failure. 
  • Browsing the URL to generate the schema for querysets