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When the _formActionUrl parameter is set but no Url is given (i.e. ...&_formActionUrl =&embed=...) the top frame will be closed. It is as if you set Form Action to Close" in the Form Designer. 

For example... the share Url with &_formActionUrl=, will cause the form to display when it's submitted, even if in the Form Designer you had set the Form Action to be "Display Message" or one of the other options. 

_formActionUrl params are used directly by

 to re-direct the browser. When the _formActionUrl (or any parameter)  is received, it  it is url decoded by the servlet container. Therefore, it is best practice to encode the _formActionUrl paramater value. It is up to the 
 client to encode to encode passed in _formActionUrls.

_errorActionUrl and _errorActionTarget

Similar to above, these parameters determine what happen if there is an error when submitting the form.

_errorActionUrl overrides any Form Action: Error setting in the Form Designer by specifying which URL to go to when there is an error submitting the form. _errorActionTarget is optional and only taken into account when _errorActionUrl is specified. It can be set to one of the values: frame, parent, top (lower case). It defaults to frame if not specified.


The designer can override the standard

message that displays when the user clicks on the Cancel button in a form and redirect them to a webpage of your choice by appending the _cancelUrl=(some Url) to the raw form link. For example, if you want to redirect users to the raw form link should look like this:

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