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  1. Login to
     as the tenant admin.
  2. On the page that is displayed, click Manage Roles.
  3. There are five default roles listed, frevvo.Designer, frevvo.Editor, frevvo.Publisher, frevvo.Reports and frevvo.ReadOnly.
  4. Click theicon, then fill in the form and submit it to create new roles. Create Employee, Manager and HR roles if you are planning on trying some of the
     In-Depth Tutorials.
  5. Click Back to Manage Tenant.
  6. On the page that is displayed, click Manage Users.
  7. There is a single user (the administrative user you defined when you created the tenant). By default, only users beginning with the letter A are displayed. Click All to display all users.
  8. To add more users, click the icon, fill in the form and submit it. Assign roles to the user as desired. You must assign the frevvo.Designer role to any users who wish to design forms.
  9. Create as many users as needed and assign them roles. If you plan to try the Employee On Boarding Tutorial, you will need a designer user who can create forms/flows, a user that does not have an assigned role, a user with the Manager role and a user with the HR role.
  10. Logout of the tenant admin account.
  11. Login as one of the newly created users with the frevvo.Designer role by filling in the Username (user@tenant) and Password fields. Start building forms and workflows immediately.

You can find examples on creating your own workflows on the In-Depth Tutorials page.

Installing Live Forms as a Windows Service