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Even though the Data and Time fields are stored in the xml as shown above, when you export the submissions, Date,Time and Date/Time controls are displayed in UTC in the csv file and in Excel. Note the -05:00 indicates Eastern Standard Time while the -04:00 represents Daylight Savings Time.

Numbers or Text Controls with Leading Zeros

When you open a csv file in Excel, number or text control submissions that contain leading 0's will strip the leading zero. For example a zip code entered "06405",

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will appear in Excel as "6405".

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This happens because Excel makes assumptions about the way imported data should be formatted; usually leading zeros are mathematically insignificant, so they are removed. You can keep the leading zeros in CSV files by using Excel's Text Import Wizard. (These instructions may vary based on your Excel version.)

  1. Launch Excel Spreadsheet. Click the Data tab. 
  2. Click the From Text/CSV icon. Use the file manager to locate the CSV file you want import.

  3. Click Import.

  4. Select Comma from the Delimiter dropdown. 
  5. Click Transform Data.

  6. Select the column(s) that contains the data with leading zeros. Change the Data Type to "Text". The preview will refresh to show your data with leading zeros.
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  7. Click Close & Load.

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