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What if you want a '=' character to appear in your options? Since the 1st equal sign is the delimiter between the value and the label, you can put an equal in the label as follows. For example, suppose you want your label to be "good = gold." If you enter this as the option, what you'll see in your dropdown is the label "gold." To solve this, use this options string: "a=good = gold". Now the label will be as you wish. Currently, if there is an equal sign in the label, it is not possible to also have an equal in the value. This will be supported in a future release.

Options label may include HTML formatting. If you find that the HTML used does not display on the PDF Snapshot, change the Print Font to a font that supports the character/markup you are using. For example, if you use a checkmark as an options label (✓), use the DejaVu Sans print font which supports this character.

The choices cannot be changed if they have been generated from an uploaded schema, since the schema specifies the choices. On controls generated from schema, you won’t see the Options property in the Properties area. However, you can change the option labels. See 23560253 this documentation.

Checkbox option values cannot contain spaces. For example if you set your checkbox option to "Black Cat=Black Cat", it will automatically be converted to "Black_Cat=Black Cat" as soon as you tab out of the options property. This is because checkboxes are multi-select. When the form is submitted, space is used as the separator character for the checkbox control's value. Thus a space character cannot be in the value itself as it would be interpreted as a separator.



Design mode allows options with same value and different label. If you set the options of a Selection control as shown below then click the save and test icon, you will only be able to select one option of the Selection Control in Test mode.

  • a=b

  • a=c

This can be a an issue when working with dynamic selection controls. Designers must be careful that the web services they are using do not return data with duplicates values.