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When you test a form in

, the formTz parameter is automatically appended in the URL. Your form will load with the values specified in your rule. However, when you copy the share URL, you MUST append the formTz paramater. This is because the form server needs to know the timezone in which to return the date and time. 

If _fromTz is not specified, here is how each function will behave:

VRB functionRule CodeBehavior if no _fromTz specified
timeofday()frevvo.currentTime()Returns server time
today()frevvo.currentDate()Returns server date
now()frevvo.currentDateTime()Returns browser time

Use ?_formTz=<time zone> string to add the timezone parameter directly after the form/flow URL or &_formTz=<time zone> string to add the parameter after an existing URL parameter. For example, to specify the Eastern time zone as the first parameter after the URL use ?_formTz=America/New_York. Timezone strings can be found here. Refer to this documentation for more information.