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You can delete users from the Manage Users page by clicking the Remove User icon beside their name. However, or you can delete users using the CSV Upload method by entering DELETE into the transaction column for the user(s). However

 recommends using caution with this process. Here are some best practices to keep in mind.

  • Before deleting a user, check that they do not have the frevvo.Designer role. You can check individually by editing the user from the Manage Users page. You can also use the CSV Download to see the roles for all users in a single document. You can also create a simple form with a business rule like this example to view all users with just the frevvo.Designer role in your tenant.
  • You should also search the Task List as the Tenant Admin for tasks assigned to that user. If there are any pending tasks, you may wish to reset, reassign or abort them. See the Searching the Task List documentation for details. Note that if you perform this step after deleting the user, you can still search by user but you must type in the userid exactly - the Locked by User search field will not recognize partial text and offer this user as an option. 
  • After deleting a user, you will still be able to see submissions submitted by that user. Their user ID and name will appear in the submissions table, and their signatures are still visible on Submission Detail View. You can also search the submissions repository by that userid.  
  • If you have tasks workflow step(s) assigned to the user, you must edit the workflow step(s) and change the assignment to a valid user. The forms will not show an error in edit mode, but any future instances will cause an Invalid Task Assignment notice to be sent to the tenant/workflow admin. The tenant or workflow admin will need to reassign that task. Keep in mind that if you have dynamic step assignments in your workflows, you may need to check these to ensure this user can no longer be selected. For example, you may have a list of users are set as dropdown options, and the step assignment is set based on the value of the dropdown at run time. If the deleted user is selected from the dropdown and a step is assigned to them, you will receive an Invalid Task Assignment.
  • If the user has Access Control assignments on forms/workflows, those will still be visible. They are not valid, since the user no longer exists, but will not cause an error. You can remove such Access Control assignments at your convenience.
  • Keep in mind that there may be other places in forms/workflows that you referenced this specific user, such as business rules, email messages, etc. If you think this may be the case you will need to look at each form/workflow to remove or change that information.