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if (form.load) { 
    var cc = ['R=Red', 'B=Blue', 'G=Green'];
    Colors.options = cc;
    Colors.value = 'B';

Display Selected Dropdown Label

One common use for the Dropdown control is to allow the person completing the form to select who will perform the next step from a list of users. In this case, the designer may set up the Dropdown options with the userId as the option value (to ensure a valid user assignment when this field is used as a template in the Assignment tab), but a friendly name, such as the user's first and last name, as the option label. However, since the form user does not know that the value does not equal the label, when they search their tasks or submissions for 'First Name Last Name', they see no results because they should be searching for userId.

You can use this business rule to display the Dropdown's option label in a hidden field, and then set that hidden field as the Searchable Field for users to search task list or submissions by. Here's an example of a dropdown where the options value and label are different. Notice that we have a hidden control beside it to collect the selected option's label:

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This rule is not yet available in the Visual Rule Builder, and will require some javascript. Create a new rule, click Rule Code, and then Edit Rule Code. Add this code (replacing the control names with your control names.)

Code Block
var x;
var selectedcolors = '';
    var v = AsssignStep2To.value;
    for (x in AsssignStep2To.options) {
        var opt = AsssignStep2To.options[x];
        var val= opt.split('=')[0];
        var lab= opt.split('=')[1];
        if (v === val) {
            selectedcolors = selectedcolors + ' ' + lab;
SelectedOptionLabel.value = selectedcolors;

The result is that when an option is selected from the dropdown, we pass the option value in the dropdown control, and the option label in the hidden control. The Selected Option Label control is visible here in use mode for demo purposes:

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In the Workflow Settings Searchable Fields tab, select the hidden field (in this example, "Selected Option Label") instead of the dropdown control itself. This allows your users to search by the option label, set in the hidden field, rather than the Dropdown value, which they do not know.

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