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    • User discovery:

      • There is no guarantee that the first login will occur before a task is created for a specific user /role. If you have workflows, that are routed to users who have not logged in yet, your workflow may not do what you expect. If the user’s role changes after 1st login but before the next task is routed to their new role, the task will not appear on their Task List. For example, a user with the role of employee, logs into 

        . The user then gets promoted to manager. The user will not receive a task routed to the user's new role of manager if the. workflow is initiated before the user logs out and logs in again and the user account is updated.

      • Manually creating/uploading users and roles ahead of time avoids this situation.

  •  Active Directory:
    • Customers using LDAP Customers must ensure that the frevvo.User, frevvo frevvo.TenantAdmin and frevvo.Designer roles are specified on in their IDP (ie. LDAP/AD server)
        • All users requiring access to 
           must be assigned to the frevvo.User group. 
        • Tenant admin users must be assigned to the frevvo.User and frevvo.TenantAdmin groups,
        • Designer users must be assigned to the frevvo.User  and frevvo.Designer groups.