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  • TIP-30291 Users see an endless blue spinner when attempting to perform a particular task from the task list, and after this are also unable to perform other tasks on the task list. This behavior occurs if a precondition is added to a workflow with pending tasks, and that precondition resolves to 'false' causing the pending step(s) to be skipped.

  • TIP-30267 A message control that is configured via business rule to display an uploaded image shows a broken image icon on the PDF Snapshot.

  • TIP-30263 PDF Snapshot incorrectly shows an uploaded filename as clickable link, and clicking the link directs user to an error page.

  • TIP-30261 After upgrade from v10 to v10.1, table column headers display on the PDF Snapshot in a different color, and the header color only highlight text and not blank space below text.

  • TIP-30241 Uploaded files with foreign language or special characters in the filename appear with an encoded filename like "=?UTF-8?...." when emailed via Email Document Action.

  • TIP-29488 Arabic text prints left-to-right instead of right-to-left on PDF Snapshot.

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frevvo v10.1.2v5.5.0 (Confluence Server 7.4)v2.6.3v1.3.0v3.0.5v1.1.2 (SharePoint 360)

v10.1.1 (rc4ff120)

Cloud Release: June 30, 2021