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  •  Your IDP or LDAP Server:
    • Customers must ensure that the frevvo.User, frevvo.TenantAdmin and frevvo.Designer roles are specified in their IDP or LDAP server
        • All users requiring access to 
           must be assigned to the frevvo.User group. 
        • Tenant admin users must be assigned to the frevvo.User and frevvo.TenantAdmin groups,
        • Designer users must be assigned to the frevvo.User and frevvo.Designer groups.

  • The group names for these three special roles must be frevvo.User, frevvo.TenantAdmin, and frevvo.Designer. Upper/lower case may be a factor for Open LDAP systems.
  • frevvo Best Practice recommends that you create a user account that will house all of your deployed Production forms/workflows. This user can be named anything (e.g., frevvoProduction) but it must be a member of the frevvo.Designer group.
  • Review the documentation on Preserving Projects/Forms/Workflows developed in your trial/starter tenant BEFORE changing security managers.
  • frevvo only supports the SAML Security Manager when
    is running in the tomcat container. Refer to our Supported Platforms for the list of Application Servers supported/certified by frevvo.