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When the first step has an assignment, the form will not be loaded for the user who started the flow. As a result, rules that prepopulate form fields will not run and templates based on form fields will have no value. The only way for fields to be populated in this scenario is to pass those values in the form URL using _data.

Doc URIs and Business Rules on the target workflow will only run after the assigned user performs the task. This ensures the correct initialization of form data when these methods are used. However, it also means that the target workflow in this pattern (whose first step is assigned to a template that is initialized using _data URL parameter) cannot be started using the traditional methods i.e. via a space or email link without _data parameter setting the value of the assignment control. For example, a business rule that sets assignedUser to the logged in user's id would not run until after the task assignment. If a user tried to start the form via a space, they would see the pending message for Step 1, but the {assignedUser} template would resolve to null, resulting in an invalid task assignment. Best practice is to only launch a target workflow using the external process, such as a launch form or web service. However, if the first step has Save to User or Save to Role checked, 

 will bypass the user assignment when the workflow is first initiated via the share link or space. This can be a workaround if a target workflow needs to be started both via the launch form and via the share link.