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Submissions can be edited easily by clicking the form name rendered as a clickable URL on the submissions. In this image below click on "Order" to edit the submission.

[[Image:SubmissionEdit.png]]Image Added

This will reload the current version of the form with the data from this old submission. You can then edit the form data in the frevvo form. When you click submit on the form the data in frevvo's submission repository with be updated with the new data. If the form properties are set to save a Pdf then the Pdf will also be replaced.


At any time as a shortcut you also can click the form heading to sort the results in ascending or descending order.

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Viewing Submissions in Excel 


In order to export data to Excel you must setup your form fields as saved fields as described [[#Submission_Data | here.

Click the Excel [[Image:excel.gif]] icon at the top of the table to view the submission results in Excel. The spreadsheet reflects the submissions that are displayed in the table (filtered by date).