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  1. Click on the Doc Action button in the toolbar at the top of the form.
  2. In the dialog box that appears click on 'Manually set document URIs'.

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The first screen in the wizard is for the form's default document. This is indicated by the Document Name of "default" displayed in the wizard. The default document maps to all of the controls you added to this form by dragging and  dropping from the palette. This is typically not the document you want to configure.


  • Enter the database connector Url to your query in the wizard's URL input. If the database connector is running in the same host and port as the 
    form server, then you can omit http://<host>:<port>/ from the URL. See this example below.

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You also must specify which of the four SQL statements to run—you do this by choosing the appropriate values in the Document URI Read Method and Document URI Write Method dropdowns according to the table below. (You may notice in the Forms Designer that the Document URI Read Method drop down box includes a POST option, but it is not shown below because it is not used by the database connector.)