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You may also need a control to allow multi-select options. Like dropdowns and radios controls described above, the control you generate from the initial schema will be formatted as a text control.  You can make the control a checkbox by changing the control’s Display As property to Checkbox and changing the actual schema type to xsd:list as shown below:

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Code Block
<xsd:element minOccurs="0" name="colorChoice">
           <xsd:list itemType="xsd:string"/>

Once the Color Choice control is formatted as a checkbox, a labels property will display in the properties settings tab for this control. Enter your checkbox options here.

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Currently it is not possible to list the options directly in the schema or to have a checkbox option containing a space. So a label of "dark blue" will appear in the database as "dark_blue".



Avoid using message, image and video controls inside a section that contains other controls that you may want to set to required/not required (either via the Forms Designer or using Business Rules. Since a these three control types always contains a value, it can cause a section, or other controls in a section, to become required. If you must include a these control types, place it outside the section. Another alternative is to write rules for the individual controls within a section to set them to visibile/invisibile or required/not required.