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  • Click the  icon to open your flow and edit it in the Flow Designer.
  • Click the icon to test your flow. See Testing Flows.
  • Click the icon to download the automatically generated schema associated with your flow. See Schemas for full details.
  • Click the icon to download a zipped version of the flow to disk. A single zip file will be created with the name of your flow, followed by This icon also appears on the Applications home page so you can zip your entire application, including all the flows & forms it contains. The zip file name will be the name of your application, followed by
  • Click the icon to share your flow in a number of different ways. Before you click this remember to mark your flow public or you will not be able to share it with others. See Sharing Forms & Flows.
  • Click the icon to view the submissions for this flow. Click the icon to view submissions in the Legacy view.

    Legacy Submission View and the submissions
    Export of submissions to Excel feature has been replaced by the Download to CSV. If you have not used the Export to Excel
    will be removed in the next major release. The submissions
    feature in the past, we recommend that you become familiar with the Download to CSV .
    You can still use the Export to Excel feature
    has been replaced
    by accessing it from the
    to CSV feature. Please begin using the redesigned submission view as soon as possible
    Legacy view. However, the Legacy Submissions view and the Export to Excel may be removed in a future release.
  • Click the icon to deploy a flow to Production state and remove the Development watermark. This toggles the icon to the undeploy icon. If your form server license enables a limited number of Production forms/flows you will get an error message when you hit your license production form limit.
  • Click the icon to undeploy a flow and move it from the Production state back to the Development state.