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  • Messages formatted in HTML that contain new line characters in the text may not translate properly. For Example, the Text "Trip Itinerary <br/> Please Complete" in a message control to label the Trip Itinerary section of the Travel Request form will appear on the screen to have a new line in it. New Lines are ignored by HTML. Do not use new lines in forms that require localization.
  • Use English alphabet characters only when naming controls. For example, controls named with ó as in Póliza may cause issues when the control is used in a business rule and with submission data.

  • The
     Preview function displays in the default locale. This is as designed. Go to the existing internationalize page to test the use mode form in the target locale/language. 
  • Be careful when internationalizing markup. Do not assume that the string property name is valid markup. For Example: Let's say you had a field called FirstName in your form with this stying applied to the label: <span style="color:red;font-weight:bold;">FirstName</span>. The default strings properties file shows the property name as: <span\ style"color:red;font-weight:bold;">FirstName</span>. It is missing the '=' after style.  This is intentionally stripped out because otherwise if it was left in, the = would be interpreted as the end of the property name. Adding <span style="color:red;font-weight:bold;">Primero Nombre</span> to the right side of the "=" sign, in this case, will translate this label successfully. If you see the error message " Failed to generate PDF snapshot: Could not generate PDF" check the markup in your translation files.



  • Translate the string "You can't leave this empty" to show an error message if data is not entered into a required field. See the Error Message property for more information.

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