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  • Click the save/exit icon then the Test icon. Click the blue right arrow to expand the Instructions section. This section is only visible to internal employees of the company.
  • Fill in the first step of the PO and sign.
  • Click the Send to client button. You will see your customized pending message. 

  • Log out of


  • Frevvoproduct
     sends a notification email with your customized subject/message to the email address specified in the Primary Contact Email Address field on the first step. 

  • Open the customer's email with a "Purchase Order from frevvo" subject. Click on the link provided.

  • The customer will see the completed PO and a section where they can sign to approve the PO or send it back if corrections are needed. In this example, the Reject button does not show as it is not configured for this workflow step

  • Approve the PO for now. We will cover rejecting the PO in a later section. Sign as the customer. Verify the Date Signed field is populated with the current date after signing.

  • Click the Send to frevvo, Inc button. You will see your customized message.  

  • The sales person and the client receive an email "Purchase Order for {ClientName} at {ClientCompany}" as the subject.

  • Open one of the emails and click on the pdf. Verify the Sales Information, Client Information, Client Services details and the Agreement section with the customer's signature are included.