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Many work flows often involve a number of people filling out different sections of a single form. So when you're designing this type of flow, you're most likely dragging the same form into the flow designer repeatedly to create the different steps in the flow.

Another way to create this type of flow is to use the Linked Steps feature of the flow designer. In this method, you create a linked version of a form for each step you want in your flow. One great advantage of this method is that if you need to make changes to the form step(s) after you've created your flow, you only have to edit the "parent" form — the editing changes are automatically propagated to its linked forms in the flow. Conversely, if you drag multiple copies of the same form into a flow to create steps, you'd have to make any changes to each copy of the form in each step.

If you want to show or hide different parts of a form depending on which user is filling it out, you can easily do this in a flow designed with linked steps using the Security tab or Business Rules.

One circumstance in which you might not want to use linked forms is a flow in which each user is filling out a different form.

  1. To create linked forms in a flow, add a step to the flow by dragging a form into the flow designer.
  2. Click on the step and then click   LINK Link icon to create a linked form.
  3. Continue clicking  Link icon to create as many of the linked forms as you want.

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