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  • Contact the frevvo Customer Success team to schedule your Security Manager configuration.
  • frevvo Best Practice recommends that you create a user account in your Active Directory that will house all of your deployed Production forms/flows. This user can be named anything i.e.frevvoProduction but it must be a member of the frevvo.Designer group
  • If you want to preserve Applications/Forms/Flows developed in your trial/starter tenant to your desktop, perform these steps BEFORE changing the Security Manager. :
    1. Download the Applications/Forms/Flows that you want to preserve to your desktop as a backup. Do this for all
      user accounts that have Applications/Forms/flows that you want to keep.
    2. When the backup of all Applications/Forms/flows is completed, delete the user accounts in your Default Security Manager tenant.
  • There are two additional roles in
    frevvo.Publisher and frevvo.ReadOnly.  These roles are optional. Click the links below for information about the function of these roles.
    • In order to give a user the frevvo.publishers role, create the  frevvo.Publisher  group in your AD and assign users to it. Refer to the Administrator Best Practices for an explanation of this role.
    • In order to give a user the frevvo.ReadOnly role, create the frevvo.ReadOnly group in your AD and assign users to it. Following frevvo Best Practice eliminates the need for this role.

  • frevvo only supports the Azure Security Manager when
    is running in the tomcat container. Refer to our Supported Platforms for the list of supported/certified Application Servers.