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The connection to your LDAP server is configured at the tenant level.

  • Existing
    in-house customers using LDAP should refer to the Upgrade Guide for a quick way to import your current LDAP configuration parameters before migrating. The migration process copies any existing LDAP configuration from the frevvo.xml or config properties files to the tenant. Once migrated,  updating frevvo.xml has no effect on the tenant configuration. Make changes can make changes to the LDAP Configuration Parameters using the Edit Tenant screen.
  • New
    in-house customers can add an LDAP tenant and configure the LDAP parameters via the Add Tenant screen. LDAP properties can be updated at anytime via the Edit Tenant screen.
  • Cloud customers must request an LDAP tenant from frevvo customer support. Cloud customers will receive a default tenant login from frevvo and then they can edit the LDAP configuration properties using the Edit Tenant screen to connect to their LDAP server.