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LDAP customers often use the ComboBox control if they have many users/roles configured on their LDAP server. What if the designer wants to pull a list of users or roles from their LDAP server into a form or flow for user selection? Using a traditional dropdown control is not ideal especially when you have thousands of users to pick from. The ComboBox control allows users to type characters in the ComboBox control that filter the choices to the entered characters and display those that match. You can also type a value that is not in the list. You may limit responses to the available options by selecting "Options Value Only" (available only for frevvoUsers and frevvoRoles.) Checking Options Value Only is recommended when using the ComboBox value in form routing; allowing a value that is not in the list could result in an invalid task assignment.

Drag/drop the ComboBox from the Palette or import it from schema. When you drag/drop the ComboBox from the Palette, it does not have a Control Type property. You cannot change the ComboBox to a different control by changing the value in the Control Type dropdown. You must delete the ComboBox and then add the control that you want. 


  1. Drag and drop a Panel onto the designer canvas.  
  2. Drop Message controls into the panel for the user instruction and the labels Fellowship announcements, Conferences and workshops and Other major news and events. Select None in the Message Control Type field.
  3. Click on the Style tab. Set the width of the Message Controls to half the size of the panel.
  4. Place 3 Radio controls with Yes/No options to the right of the Message Controls for the 3 choices. Check the Hide Label property for each.
    1. Click the Style tab and enter 50% in the Item Width property
  5. You may have to insert a single line break HTML tag in the Message property to align the Message Control text with the Yes/No options of the Radio Control.

    Here is what the form looks like in Use mode:

Center, Right-align or Justify Message Control

Text in Message Controls is left-aligned by default. The Message Control Style tab has a "Center" property which is the simplest way to center text in a Message Control, whether or not you are using the Rich Text Editor. At this time the RTE does not provide a way to change the text alignment in your Message Control. However, standard html tags allow this function. Here are some examples.

Code Block
titleRight Align
<p style="text-align: right;">This text is RIGHT ALIGNED.</p>

Image Added

Code Block
<p style="text-align: justify;">This text is JUSTIFIED....</p>

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Message controls as a spacer