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You may also notice that Share links for the Important items now show parenthesis instead of curly braces. You will see the parentheses in any newly created space. Tomcat 8.5 doesn't allow curly braces in URLs since they are not valid URL chars and deemed a security vulnerability. Live Forms frevvo currently supports parenthesis as well as curly braces, however, support for curly braces {} will be dropped in a future releases . Use parenthesis () moving forward.


Forms/Flows displayed on the Space menu will only show the forms/flows which the logged in user is authorized to viewIf you are using a tenant configured for a container security manager and you want to allow anonymous access to your forms/flows, you must add a public URL to your space menu


Refer to the Space Content topic for tips and information about more "cool" items you can add to your Space menu.


Let's say you  created a Space or added a form/flow to your space and now you must find that form or flow to make changes to it. The Share URL for a form/flow can be used to determine the Live Forms frevvo designer account where a form/flow is located.


You may notice a slight difference when logging into a Space. When you access your space with the Share URL, then click the Login tab, the whole screen becomes the

login screen. Enter your credentials to view your space.
Image Removedscreen. Enter your credentials to view your space.

Image Added

Spaces are always ‘public’ which means anyone with the link can access them. However, any forms or flows in the space that require authentication cannot be accessed until the user logs in. If you would prefer that users log in before accessing a space you can construct a share URL that used the target-uri query parameter to accomplish this. For example:

Code Block
In House: https://<your server host>:<port>/<frevvo home>/web/login?target-uri=<spaceurl>

Space Content

Your space contains links for your users to easily access any forms and flows your designers created in your tenant. Your space also automatically contains the following:

  • Task List
  • My Account
  • Shared Items
  • Home
  • Operational Reports - Active Processes, Submission Failures, Recent Submissions, Productivity. These Reports are only accessible to the tenant admin and users with the role frevvo.Reports. Refer to Operational Reports in a Live Forms frevvo Space for information about the links to these reports and
  • Login/Logout - You can hide this tab if you choose.



Shared Items (Submissions View or Edit), Home, My Account, and Report links are automatically added under the Important Items tab along with the Task List and Login/Logout when your space is created. Existing spaces must be manually edited as described below to add these items.


To manually add these and other useful features to your space, follow the instructions described in detail below.


Code Block
* Important Items
** Task List|/frevvo/web/tn/mycompany/subject/(
** My Account|/frevvo/web/tn/mycompany/subject/(
** Shared Items|/frevvo/web/tn/mycompany/subject/(
** Home|/frevvo/web/tn/mycompany/u/e5a0e839-1026-4bcf-92a0-5c8e4db9685e/space/test/home?embed=true
** Active Flows for Tenant|Submission Errors|Resent Submission Activity|Workflow Bottleneck Analysis|<FREVVO_REPORTS>|<FREVVO_REPORTS>

      5.If you want the Operational Reports to display under a customized tab instead of under the Important Items tab, add the name of the Report tab preceded by a single asterisk followed by the pipe symbol followed by the <FREVVO_REPORTS> keyword.


You do not have to use Spaces to access your mobile forms but it is a convenient way to do so. Simply bookmark the space URL on your mobile device to access it. You can add icons to your forms and flows which will display on mobile devices when you access the space. Spaces can be a valuable tool for testing your forms/flow on the iPhone and iPad. 


Selecting the Excel export or Download to CSV features the when viewing submissions from the Shared Items tab (inside or outside of a space) on an IOS device (iPad,iPhone), may require the installation of an application to edit and save .xls files. This requirement is browser specific.


Of course, you can still embed your forms and flows in your own internet.