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No additional configuration is needed.

Configure frevvo.internal.baseurl in frevvo.xml for LDAP SSO


Configure URL Properties in for LDAP SSO

Add the frevvo.internal.baseurl and the frevvo.forms.server.external.url properties to the when using LDAP SSO. The frevvo.internal.baseurl property is needed for for various activities like accessing the ACL page, publishing templates, resetting tasks etc when using LDAP SSO.  LetLet's say you have a browser signed in via SSO to machine m1 (port 80).  IIS is running on m1 (port 80) redirecting /frevvo/web to frevvo running on m2:8082. The browser submits a form to m1, IIS redirects to m2:8082.  The doc action is a frevvo:// URI which gets resolved to http://m1/frevvo/...  

 POSTs to this URI  but m1 rejects the POST since it is not authenticated.

To avoid situations such as these, set the frevvo.internal.baseurl to the actual host:port of the 

 server. Follow these steps:


If the frevvo.forms.server.external.url  property is set, all share dialogs for forms and flows will use this as the external URL. This may be needed when using frevvo.forms.server.external.url if that external url is not also accessible from the form server machine. Use the syntax shown in the example. change the <myexternalhost>and <port> to your external server name and the port that you are using for 

 on this server.

Follow these steps:

  • edit <frevvo-home>/tomcat/conf/catalina/localhost/frevvo-config.xmlproperties
  • Add the parameter properties shown below with your information: Save the changes to the file.

Code Block
Parameter name="frevvo.internal.baseurl" value="http:// <ip or server name of the m/cmachine where the frevvo server is hosted>:<port>" override="false"/>

Upload and Video Control Behavior

If your system is configured for LDAP SSO, the upload and video controls exhibit the following behaviors: