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  1. Complete the new user form. 
  2. User names can contain characters, numbers, dot (.), hyphen (-) and the underscore (_) and cannot start with a number. Max length is 50 characters.

  3. Change Password on Next Login is checked by default. 
     recommends keeping this checked for best security practices. Users will be prompted to enter a new password that meets strength requirements on their first login.
  4. Assign roles to the user. NOTE: Assign the special role frevvo.Designer to any user who needs permission to create forms and workflows.
  5. You can assign multiple roles to any user by clicking the "+" icon
  6. Assign a reports to for any user who needs to route a form they fill in to their manager. For example a PTO request.
  7. Submit the form


Field/Column NameDescription
userIdThe unique user id used for login. Required
tenantThe tenant identifier is optional. If not supplied, it defaults to the current tenant. Attempts to upload users for another tenant shows a validation error.
passwordFor newly inserted users, the plain text password. Always blank on download. Default passwords should be provided especially if you are using a tenant configured with the SAML Security Manager. If you are using the Default Security Manager, users can then be instructed to change the password on first login using the Manage Personal Information option.
firstNameUser's first name.firstNameUser's first name.
lastNameUser's last name.
emailUser's email address. Required
enabledSet to 'true' to enable the user
reportsToThe userId of the user that the user reports to, if any.
rolesA list of the user's roles, separated by the '|' character. Roles are inserted as necessary. Spaces are not allowed in role names. Role names cannot contain more than 100 characters.

Either blank or 'DELETE'. If DELETE then the user will be removed. Otherwise, the user is updated if it exists or inserted as necessary.

notifyIfNewUserA value of 'true' will send an email to users prompting them to create a new password. A value of 'false' will not notify users.
  • To include a ',' (comma) in a field, escape it with a leading '\' character. To include a '|' (bar) in a role name, escape it with a leading '\' char.
  • To delete a user, enter DELETE into the transaction column of the file for that user. The user id and tenant fields are required for successful deletion. The message "Attempting to delete non-existing userId. It will be ignored." displays if the user id does not exist.
  • To delete all roles for a user, leave the roles column blank. See Updating Users and Roles using a CSV file for more information.