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  1. Create test users in your development tenant. If you are using the default security manager, simply create the test users in the tenant. Refer to Customers using the LDAP/SAML/Azure Security Manager if you are not using the default security manager.


    The role names in your development tenant should be the same as the role names in your production tenant. If they are different, modifications to your workflows will have to be made to users and workflows to reflect the production roles.

  2. Multiple designer users can create and test forms/workflows in each of their user accounts using the test users and roles.
  3. The designer users will download a finished and tested project and check it in to a source code repository (versioning) as the new version of the applicationproject. Ex: SVN, CVS, Google drive.
  4. When further updates/modifications are required, the forms/workflows should again be edited in the designer user accounts and then upload/replaced in the generic production user account. 


  1. Create a generic production user account that has the frevvo.designer role (ex: “production@<your tenant>") on your production tenant to which you publish all forms/workflows.
  2. Assign the frevvo.publisher role to one or more users. These users have permission to upload new versions of your applications projects to your production user account.
  3. One of the users with the frevvo.Publisher role will check-out the new project from source code (a repository outside of a frevvo server) and upload/replace the application project into the generic production user account