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Key CombinationFunction

tab/shift tab

  • navigate forward/backward between controls
  • move through different tabs in a tab control, grid cells in a table, a signature light box
  • cycle through options in a checkbox, move through the lightbox for an upload control.
  • cycle through the controls in a section. When the last control in a section is in focus, the cursor advances to the next control in the form when you hit the tab key again.  

Note: If a section is expanded, tabbing will take you directly into the section's controls. Tabbing puts the focus on each tab of a tab control. If a tab is selected, it becomes the active tab, and its contents will be in the natural tab order.

Enter key or the space bar
  • select/deselect checkbox options
  • expand/collapse a section
  • add or remove a repeat item or rows in a table when the plus (plus) or minus (minus) icons have focus,
  • open a link or associated pdf,
  • select a date and close the date picker
  • delete attachments that were uploaded,
  • open the signature lightbox
  • selects a tab
Space bar only
  • open the date picker
  • open the browse file dialog for an upload control
Enter only
  • select a value and close a dropdown list
  • close lightboxes and help text windows
shift + right/arrow
  • Use the shift/right arrow key sequence to select and expand a tab. The cursor will move through the natural tab order then access the controls inside it.
up,down,right,left arrows
  • cycle through the options of a dropdown or radio control and select a value.
  • When the dropdown list is displaying, or you are cycling through the radio options, the left or up arrows select a previous value and the right or down arrows select the next value.
  • Use the left/up arrows to select a previous day and the right/down arrows select the next day when the date picker is open.

Note: The right/left arrow keys can also be used to cycle/select the options of a radio control.

Alt + up/down arrows on a windows keyboard or option + up/down arrows for the Mac
  • open/close a dropdown list.