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  •  If you leave the PDF Name property blank, Live Forms uses the flow/form name as the pdf file name. The PDF will not post to SharePoint generating an HTTP 403 status error if the Form Name contains special characters. To avoid any issues, name your form/flows using characters that are suitable for filenames and explicitly set the pdf name in the form/flow using the same standard. Following the POSIX filename standard (A–Z a–z 0–9 . _ - ) will ensure it works.
  • Special characters in filenames will cause the submission to be flagged with an error in the
    submission table. We recommend POSIX naming standards as there are some special characters that are not supported by the connector. 


If the submission doesn't reach your SharePoint website - if

does not receive a response back from SharePoint with a status code of 200, you can find information about the error from the
submission table.

All tenant admin(s) in your tenant or flow admin(s) configured for specific workflows will receive a Doc Post Failure notification email to alert them that an issue has occurred. The <server-name> will be provided in the email subject.


  1. Browse http://<your server:port>/sharepoint/info  - the version information is returned as shown in the image.

Refresh Token Expired

If your users see an error like " A redirect is required to get the users approval" when accessing or trying to submit a form, the cause is that your Sharepoint Token has expired. The user who owns the Sharepoint Account (usually the designer) will need to login and provide consent to refresh the token. You can learn more in this Microsoft Documentation. Currently frevvo does not provide a way to generate a new refresh token automatically. This feature may be added in a future release. However, until then the Sharepoint account user will have to provide consent for a fresh token every 6 months.