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Another option is to leave the form in the frame. If no URL parameter is specified, the form will automatically resize based on the device it is viewed on. If the web designer wants the form to always be full-width, they can specify _device=desktop in the share embed URL. The web site designer might have a mobile web site where tablet and phone users would access the forms where the share URL would leave off the  "_device=" parameter. is an example of forms embedded into a website that look great on all devices.

Unsaved Changes Warning Message

Data loss is possible if users filling in a lot of data in a long forms/workflows close the browser or tab without saving or submitting. If the Unsaved Changes Warning feature is configured, users will be warned of this situation before the data loss. This applies to use-mode forms and workflows only, not edit mode. The warning only shows if there have been changes made to the form/workflow. If there are no changes, then no warning is displayed. If the form/workflow is Saved or the Save on Navigate feature is configured for a workflow, then changes are saved and the warning is not produced on any attempt to close the browser.

The unsaved changes warning feature is not supported on iOS Safari and only partially supported on Chrome Android. You may notice some inconsistencies with workflows. Refer to the Unsaved Changes topic for the details.

This feature is not configured in the frevvo Cloud. In-house customers can turn on the Unsaved Changes Warning feature with the frevvo.unsaved.warning property.

The warning behavior message is browser specific. The messages for Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge are shown below:


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Firefox browser


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Google browser


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Microsoft Edge browser

Unsaved Data Message and Workflows

Certain browsers (chrome and firefox, but not IE11 and Edge) will not show the Unsaved Data message on closing the browser window/tab if the user does not click on something.

The Unsaved Changes feature may not work reliably with 

workflows in the following scenarios:

  1. A user makes a change on step 1 of a screenflow, selects continue but makes no change at all on step 2. They then immediately close the window. No prompt is displayed.

The Unsaved Data Warning will appear when performing a task from the Task List. For example, if you change some data and then click the Inbox icon

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Turn on/off the Unsaved Changes feature for a form or workflow instance

To turn off the unsaved warning feature for a particular form/workflow instance, add the  _unsavedWarning=true/false URL parameter to the Share URL. Remember to add the ? at the end of the URL if this is the first URL parameter you are adding and the & at the end of the URL if there are other URL parameters already appended to the URL.

Designers may want to do this when developing/testing forms/workflow.

Code Block
title?_unsavedWarning URL parameter added to the Link (Email/Web page Share URL
Code Block
title&_unsavedWarning URL parameter added to the Raw form link Share URLURL

See URL Parameters for more information.

Unsaved Changes Warning Message Configuration Property

In-house customers can turn on the Unsaved Data feature by adding the the frevvo.unsaved.warning property to the file. Appending the _unsavedWarning URL parameter to a form/workflow overrides the value set in this configuration property.