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Code Block
if (form.load) {   
    try {     
        Color.value = "red";   
    }   catch(e) {     
        msg1.value = "error caught: " + e;   

Max Size for Rule Code

Write concise JavaScript rules for readability and improved performance. The Visual Rule Builder naturally enforces this by limiting your options. While frevvo allows up to 64Kb of code per rule, this is more than what you should use in practice. Significantly large rules may impact performance.

Strings vs Numbers

Because JavaScript is a loosely typed language you may run into occasions where you are trying to add field values and the rule performs string concatenation instead. There are several ways to designate math vs string. One simple way is by adding a *1 to the variable. id = id*1 + 1; will ensure that id equals the current value plus one rather than the current value with a 1 appended. Ex: If the current value was 4 and you didn't write id*1 the result may be "41" rather than 5.