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Solr should only be accessible to the frevvo server i.e. http://localhost:8983/, and should not be remotely accessible. Most customers don’t allow external http access to a server (only https). Since solr is not exposed over https (at least it shouldn't be from a security perspective), remote code execution vulnerability can be mitigated (a remote attacker cannot exploit this vulnerability as it is not exposed). Another option to enhance solr security is to block external access to port 8983, for example using firewall rules.


Indexing related messages are captured in the <frevvo-home>\tomcat\logs\frevvo.YYYY-MM-DD file. For example, if you run the Insight Data Batch process manually or if it runs automatically during an upgrade, messages from the process are found in the frevvo.log.

Failing or Long Running Refresh Process

If your Refresh Searchable Fields/Items (re-indexing) process is failing or taking a long time, more than a couple of hours, the cause may be that the frevvo database index statistics have become outdated. Your database admin should perform a maintenance process to Update Statistics. Please refer to your SQL database documentation for instructions. After verifying the index statistics are up to date, re-run the Refresh Searchable Fields/Items process.