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Users that are designated as Workflow Admins for individual workflows  see this screen when they click the  Search icon. When searching for tasks, if a workflow is chosen, and the user is a workflow admin for it, then all tasks for that workflow display. If no workflow is selected, then all tasks, even those that the workflow admin has not participated in, plus tasks for which the user is a workflow admin will display.



LDAP SSO customers must make one change to the script to successfully embed the Task List in your website. Replace the {}  in the script with your tenant id. The example shows a modified script for a tenant named ldap:

Original script:

  <script src="{}/subject/{}/tasks%3fembed=true%26container=true%26resize=true"

Script modified with tenant name:

<script src="{}/tasks%3fembed=true%26container=true%26resize=true"

If embedding the task list successfully into an HTML page requires setting its width, see URL Parameters for more details.

Curly Braces in URLs for Embedded Forms, Workflows or Task List