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Store documents and information to a secure Microsoft SharePoint website. Configure the frevvo SharePoint Connector for your frevvo tenant then use the SharePoint wizard to connect your forms/workflows to the SharePoint website for document storage. . Refer to the SharePoint Connector topic for the details. 

Connector Security

 connectors installed on-premise should only be accessible to the frevvo server i.e. http://localhost:8983/, and should not be remotely accessible. Most customers don’t allow external http access to a server (only https). Since the connector(s) is not exposed over https, remote code execution vulnerability can be mitigated (a remote attacker cannot exploit this vulnerability as it is not exposed). Another option to enhance connector security is to block external access to port 8983, for example using firewall rules.

See also Database Connector Security.

Confluence Add-on

The frevvo Add-on for Confluence is available as an add-on to either frevvo' Online service or In-house installations. You need to install it into Confluence before you can add forms and submissions pages to Confluence. You will also need to download and install frevvo for Confluence.