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Customers currently using _formTz in share URLs may no longer find this necessary unless they intentionally wish to override the user's time zone.

REST API Login Timezone

Logging in via the REST API (as in this user csv upload example) now requires the _formTz=<YourTimeZone> parameter added to the login URL. 

Code Block
curl -k http://localhost:8080/frevvo/web/admin/login?_formTz=<YourTimeZone> -d username=admin@tenant -d password=admin_password -d lAction=Login -d _csrf=$CSRF -X POST  -b cookies -H Content-Type:application/x-www-form-urlencoded

Please replace <YourTimeZone> with a Modern Time Zone String (See this list of tz database time zones). See _formTz parameter documentation for more details.

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