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Make sure that you have read and understood the section on using frevvoresolve macros.

View the Merge to Confluence Page video for more information if you are using Confluence v4.0 - v4.2. The way of adding and parsing templates has been changed in Confluence v4.3 - and v5.1. Refer to this documentation for information about templates in these versions.

Using Live Forms for Confluence, you can create forms/workflows that store the form data in one or more Confluence pages. Every time the form/flow is submitted, the data is merged into an existing Confluence page. If the desired page does not exist, it will be created using a Confluence template.

For example, assume that you want to use a form to collect registrations for an event. We'll create a Confluence page with an embedded form and a result Confluence page in which we'll collect the list of registered users. The result page stores a table with a row for each registered user.


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