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When you change a table to a repeat or vice versa and there are referencing rules, it is recommended that you verify that your rules still work. See Rules Examples for more information.



Every control has a name. The name is automatically generated and defaults to the control's label minus any spaces and special characters. Spaces and special characters are removed in order to make the name valid for use in rules and, for XML users, this makes the name valid as a xsd schema element name. Control names will be truncated to 32  characters for all the controls except triggers and panels. 


If you uncheck the mappable property for controls that have already been mapped to the acroform, the mapping status for those controls changes to invalid. Submissions created with these invalid status controls will also report "Form submission filed -  One or more generated PDF forms generated with mapping errors. Some information may be missing". Even though the Mappable property is set to false, the PDF is generated with the old mapped values.valu


Max Map Idx

The "Max Map Idx" property works in conjunction with the Mappable property. It is available only for tables and controls inside a repeat. Repeat items and tables are available as indexed mapping the pdf mapper. The Max Map Index property determines how many mappable indexes of the repeat item are available.  Since tables are essentially repeats, this property applies to tables as well. The image shows a Phone control inside of a Repeat control with a Max # of 2.


If you are using Live Forms in-house, Cascading Style Sheet code that was used in themes applied to forms/flows in previous Live Forms releases, can be added to a newly created style.css file in the frevvo.war file . The context parameter, frevvo.css.url, in the web.xml file must be changed to point to it 

Button Color

You can change the color of the trigger button by selecting a choice from the Button Color dropdown.