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Active directory attributes can be retrieved from the LDAP server using Business Rules. The rules use the 

 _data.getParameter('subject.attribute) feature to make the retreived information available as subject attributes in a rule. There are many attributes available in Active Directory. If you are using the tomcat bundle, First Name, Last Name and Employee Email are configured in the LDAP sections of the  <frevvo of the <frevvo-home>\tomcat\conf\catalina\localhost\frevvo.xml file. Multi valued attributes are also supported. This feature works if you are using an LDAP or LDAP Container Security Manager configuration.

Configuring Active Directory Custom Attributes 

Before you can write a rule to retrieve custom attributes, you must add the "" configuration parameter to the <frevvo-home>\tomcat\conf\catalina\localhost\frevvo.xml file if you are using the tomcat bundle. The value of the parameter is a comma separated list of attribute names to be retrieved, Follow these steps to modify the configuration:


  1. Stop Live Forms if it is running.
  2. Navigate to <frevvo-home>\tomcat\conf\catalina\localhost\frevvo.xml.
  3. Open the file with a text editor.


Add the parameter shown below to the Active Directory or OpenLDAP sections of the file. A true value turns on the Save to Navigation feature true while a false value turns it off. False is the default. 

Code Block



       4. Save the file after all your changes are made. 


       5. Restart Live Forms. 

LDAP Troubleshooting

If things are not working as you expected: