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Active directory attributes can be retrieved from the LDAP server using Business Rules. The rules use the 

 _data.getParameter(' of attribute) syntax to make the information available. There are many attributes available in Active Directory. Multi valued View  this website for a list. Multi value attributes are also supported. This feature works if you are using an LDAP or LDAP Container Security Manager configuration.

Configure Retrievable Attributes 


If you want to pull additional information, you must add the "" configuration parameter where the value is a comma separated list of attribute names to be retrieved, Let's use the employee's Middle Name Initials and Employee IDHome Phone as an example. The attributes for Middle Initials and Telephone Number are initials and telephoneNumber respectively. 

Follow these steps to modify the configuration:  


Code Block
 <Parameter name="" value="employeeIDinitials,middleNametelephoneNumber," override="false"/> 

     5. Save the file after all your changes are made. Restart 


Add the addititonal additional lines to the business rule to populate the Employee ID and Middle Name Middle Initials and Home Phone fields. 

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Multi-valued Attributes