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  1. Stop 
  2. In a text editor, open <frevvo-home>/tomcat/conf/Catalina/localhost/frevvo.xml.
  3. You can edit the LDAP Configuration Properties. Alternatively, you can start off from one of the sample configurations and provide only the key information listed above.
    1. Active Directory Sample 
    2. Open LDAP Sample
  4. Log into your LDAP Server and add a new group, frevvo.TenantAdmin (case sensitive)
  5. Assign the frevvo.TenantAdmin group to one or more users for tenant admin privilege.
  6. Start 
  7. Login to 
     as a 
     administrator (user:admin and password:admin if you have not changed it)
  8. Click on Manage and then Manage Tenants
  9. You will see a page where the current tenants are listed. If this is a new installation you will only see the default tenant d
  10. Click on the plus sign (+) to add a new tenant.
  11. Configure the new tenant:
    1. In the drop down Security Manager Class choose LDAP/Active Directory Security Manager. If your version does not have a drop down, enter the following in the Custom text box:
    2. Give it a tenant id. For the sake of this document lets assume you call it MYLDAP. Provide the tenant name and description.
    3. The Max Concurrent Users is the maximum allowed by your license or less.
    4. Specify the LDAP User ID that will have the tenant admin permission. 
    5. Click Submit. You will see your new tenant in the tenant list. 



There are four special roles in

: frevvo.TenantAdmin, frevvo.Designer, frevvo.Publisher, frevvo.ReadOnly, that must be specified on your LDAP/AD Server if you have users that will be assigned these roles. The group names must be frevvo.TenantAdmin, frevvo.Designer, frevvo.Publisher, frevvo.ReadOnly . Upper/lower case may be a factor for Open LDAP systems.


Check if the configuration is correct