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All of the standard properties and settings apply to the signature control. For example, the required setting can be used to force the entry of a wet signature in order for the form to be valid (in use mode). You can change the width of the signature light box by changing the value of the Width property grid to another value. 

  • Sections configured for wet signatures will "fall back" to using Text/Signature Image signature format if the browser you are using does not support HTML5 canvases.
  • Forms and flows can be made accessible to help individuals with visual and motor impairment. Refer to this topic for the behavior of the Wet Signature control when this property is checked.

Signed Sections and Wet Signatures in Use Mode


Clicking on the Sign this section button, displays the signature entry lightbox shown in the image below. See Signature control for details on its operation. Note that the signature image is scaled appropriately.The user will have to re-sign in order to re-lock the section.