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  1. Make a copy of the form from Example 4 above and open it for editing.
  2. We can hide the Order Info section since it does not contain information entered by the user. Select the section by clicking on its header and uncheck the Visible checkbox in the properties pane. This section will be grayed out when you click on another control on the canvas.
  3. In the properties panel on the left, open the Data Sources pane by clicking on it.
  4. Click 'New from XSD'.
  5. You should see your schema in the resulting dialog box. Expand it and add the 'createOrderDetail' element to the form by clicking the + icon next to it.
  6. Close the dialog box by clicking X in the top right corner.
  7. In the Data Sources pane, expand the createOrderDetail data source by clicking on the + icon to the left.
  8. Click the + icon next to the row element.
     will generate controls in the form. Note that
     automatically generates a repeating element since a single Order can contain any number of line items.
  9. You can drag and drop to re-arrange as you wish.
  10. Change the label and the name the Section named Row to Order Line.
  11. Name the repeat control OrderLines. Take note of the "s" in the name.
  12. Select the Product Code input control and in . In the properties pane set panel:
    1. Set the name to pc. 
    2. Select Dropdown from the Display As property list.
  13. Select the Onum control inside the Order Line section and in the properties pane set the name to olonum. Uncheck the Visible property.
  14. Select the Order Line Number control inside the Order Line section and in the properties pane set the name to oln. Uncheck the Visible property.
  15. Set default values in the Onum and Cnum controls inside the Order Info section and in the Onum and Order Line Number controls inside the Order Line section. You can set any values since we will be overriding them in a rule. We need to set a default value otherwise
      the form cannot be submitted.