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  • Click the Test icon for your form.
  • You can fill out the date using the date picker or type it in using a variety of formats e.g. Feb 12 2015 or 02-12-2015 etc.
  • Fill in First and Last Names. Empty controls displaying a yellowish background are required. Required controls must contain valid data in order to submit a form. See that When you click the Submit button is greyed out. If you click on it when it is greyed out, you will see the message "This form contains one or more fields that are not valid or are incomplete. It cannot be submitted." , any invalid fields will be highlighted with an orange background color. You must enter or correct the data in these fields in order for the form to be submitted.
  • For Email Address, if you make a mistake (e.g. type in test@gmail) and you will see that frevvo immediately tells you that there is an error. The error message we configured earlier is displayed. The Hint is visible on hover and clicking the Help icon shows the help we configured.
  • Similarly, the Phone Number must follow one of the patterns allowed for it or an error will be displayed.
  • When all fields are valid, click the Submit button will be enabled. Submit to submit the form and the . The display message we configured will be displayed.
  • If you want to see how the form will look on an iPad or an iPhone, close the window, click the  Test icon again then click the Tablet or Smart phone buttons at the top of the test screen.

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